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Practice Time

Sundays 6:00-8:00pm

Thursdays 8:30-10:00pm

Be at Skate Plaza 15 min early to gear up.


General Information

Who can join?: Any female 18 years or older (Guys, you can skate with us too, as referees! Contact us for details!). We welcome women of all backgrounds, any shape, size, or age. Roller derby is for everyone. However, keep in mind it is a high impact exercise regime; if you haven't been exercising recently take it slow.

What do I need?:
Safety Gear* is required to play roller Derby:

  • Helmet

  • Pads: for Elbows and Knees

  • Wrist guards

  • Mouth guard

* You can borrow our F.M. gear as you need it, it stays at Skate Plaza and its first-come-first-serve.

Training guidelines:

  • Attendance: we expect you to attend every practice of the training program. If you miss a practice, you will miss important skills learning. However, if you must miss, please private message the Fresh Meat coach through the SPDD Fresh Meat Facebook page.

  • Be on time! Which means be at practice 15 minutes early to gear up.

  • Respect your coaches and fellow skaters. Save conversations for when the coach is not teaching.

  • Respect your body. When you begin your body will complain. Listen to it, stretch and challenge it, but don't hurt it. If you injure yourself, you won't be able to skate. Respect your body!!

  • Cross Train: Exercise outside of derby, any strength training will assist you in achieving your goals in roller derby.

  • Volunteering: We have a variety of volunteer opportunities throughout the year. You are encouraged to volunteer as much as you can, to get to know other skaters and learn the ropes of roller derby. When you serve as a N.S.O.(non-skating official) at a bout you learn the rules of the game faster! We also volunteer for Fairgrounds events throughout the year, with the byproduct of free tickets to events and reduced pricing of bout space!

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