Our Derby Team

Our league is run by a committee -a Board of Directors- of skaters that have been elected for a two year term. The Board meets once a month to discuss training, upcoming events and policy changes. In monthly league meetings, the team is informed on what the Board decides, and may voice their ideas for the future of the team.

As a non-profit group, we rely on our amazing volunteers and sponsors to run smoothly. All Referees and Non-Skating Officials (N.S.O.) donate their time, and we greatly appreciate their support and help!

Our Bouts (games) are highly entertaining and family friendly.
Concessions and team merchandise are available to purchase at every Bout.

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Roller Derby 101

Roller Derby was first created in Chicago 1935.
Throughout the decades, the sport has evolved to what is commonly played today, either Flat-track or Banked-track.
CDARD is an all-female Flat-track team.
We belong to the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA)

Some Basic Information:

  • A game is called a Bout

  • Flat- track derby is a 88 foot oval track in which skaters play

  • There are two types of players: Jammers (point scorers) and Blockers

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